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Your heart talks to you through your desires

We want what we want. Whether it’s “good” for us or not, we all have desires. We want to look a certain way, be a certain way, have things/money/experiences, have certain people (or, have them desire us). We want so, so much. The problem is, we make ourselves wrong for it. We shut down the part of us that dreams, that connects to our intuition.

All too often, our thoughts stray to something (or someone) we want. We feel the pleasure of wanting and then we feel the guilt. So, we argue with ourselves, we lecture, we make ourselves wrong. We tell ourselves it’s greedy to want so much, that we should be satisfied, that it wouldn’t work out anyway.

It’s like holding that desire in the palm of your hand and then using your other hand to slap it. What happens? You close that desire tightly in your fist. The desire doesn’t go away, you’ve just made yourself tense, guilty, and angry. We’re afraid we won’t get what we want. So, we cling and grip and then we become fearful and obsessive.

What if, instead, you approved of yourself? What if you made yourself right for having the desire?

What you focus on expands. Trust the sacredness of the desire. Explore it.

When we let ourselves explore (even if it’s only in our imagination—because, let’s face it, not every desire needs to be acted upon), we tell our hearts it’s ok to want. Packed inside that yearning is a feeling—following that feeling gets you closer to your authentic self.

Focus on what is right about the desire, what feels good, what lights you up. Let it breathe and expand. Look for ways to bring more of those feelings into your daily life. By shifting your attention to what you have and what is working, you move into an energetic space of attraction. You become a magnet.

The desire you started with may be not be what you end up with. Too much specificity can block the flow. Trust that you are having the desire for a reason. Your heart is trying to communicate with you. Listen. Invite it in. Play with it. Find what feels good.

Shine on,


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