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Buddha Statue

When you heal your spirit, you heal your life.​

I've been drawn to healing my entire life. When I became a Reiki Master, I felt as if a part of my destiny had been fulfilled. I am honored to be a part of your healing journey.

As a certified metaphysics practitioner, my focus is on the subconscious beliefs that manifest in our bodies and our lives.


Thought -> Belief -> Action -> Result -> Pattern

Our thoughts become our realities. Our bodies and the world around us reflect our belief systems back to us. Healing begins in the mind.

Healing sessions can include:

  • Surrendering to celestial healing via guided meditation

  • Changing beliefs that contribute to illness and discomfort

  • Tapping to release subconscious blocks to healing

  • Installing affirmations to help your body and psyche heal

  • Creating a sigil to embody your healing manifestation

I offer spiritual healing via a combination of distance Reiki, belief work, and EFT/tapping.

Metaphysical healing practices are not a substitute or replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment. You should always consult a professional when needed.

Image by Linh Le

Distance Reiki

Access your personal experience of the Divine

Reiki is a beautiful expression of love, peace, and healing. It is about getting in touch with the inner spark and bringing it to light. Reiki guides the healer and the participant to their unique experience of divinity. Every time I work with the energy, it’s familiar and yet new. It is my pathway to Source and the truest gift I can offer.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve as a Reiki Master in the traditional Usui method.


We’ll begin the session with what you’re experiencing and what you’d like to shift. My energy channels come through quickly and strongly, so our energetic connection will last approximately 20 minutes. After that, we’ll go through some grounding practices and how you can incorporate what you’ve experienced.

I offer Reiki for adults, children, and animals.

Experiences of Reiki vary by individual based on what is happening in the energetic bodies. Some may find it energizing while others are relaxed by it and prefer to sleep as soon as possible. Some clients may feel their symptoms intensify before the energy crests and releases. It is important to stay well hydrated.


The beauty of Reiki is that it meets you where you are. I recommend that you follow your intuition as to the best time for you to experience Reiki—do not push yourself.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Shamanic Healing

The body holds the answer​s


As a certified coach in the Toltec tradition, my training focused extensively on psychic healing. Energetically, there are many methods to access the deep truths of the subconscious:

  • Clearing your aura/energy field

  • Meditating using a key visual, such as a tarot card, deity, archetype, or power animal

  • Cord cutting to clear draining attachments

  • Healing trauma stored in the body via abstract visualizations

  • Creating a sanctuary for peace and repose

  • Connecting with your inner child

  • Journeying to meet a guide or attain clarity around an issue

  • Recapitulating to recapture lost energy

Shamanic healing is best undertaken after a coaching relationship has already been established, often, at least 3 sessions. That way, I'll have a better sense of how to best tailor the journey that is right for you

Image by Christopher Campbell

Personal Peace Process

Free yourself from deep-rooted anxieties & fears


Tapping (also known as EFT or emotional freedom technique) is a powerful way to release emotion from the body. It’s a transformative merging of positive psychology and acupressure. 

By tapping on various energetic points while deeply and truly expressing yourself, frozen or stuck places in the energetic body are cleared and released. The beauty of this practice is that it gives you something concrete to do with anxiety, tension, fear, and sadness.

Tapping meets you exactly where you are. You don’t have to try and make yourself believe in affirmations if you aren’t there yet. If you need several rounds to vent your anger, it’s there for you. If you need to safely express your fears, it’s there for you. You come around to installing positive beliefs only when you’re ready.

It is this deep honesty that gains the trust of your subconscious—when you express how you truly feel (not how you wish you felt or think you should be feeling), the subconscious stops fighting you. Your ego gets on board. You can then move toward the change that you’d like to experience.

In the personal peace process, you work with the fears and worries that have been cycling for you. You tap on each of them and cull the central theme to create the map of your healing.

As with most bodywork, it is recommended that you stay well hydrated to help your lymph system flush toxins. You may feel more tired as your body processes the emotional release.

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