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Human Design: Collection

Experience a deep remembering. Find your freedom.​

For those who would appreciate summaries of their Human Design information, I offer a growing collection of beautifully-designed pdfs for your e-library.

Note that for your chart to be effective, you must know your exact birth time.

Essentials Summary
HD Essentials
JennifersGlass HD Essentials Collage.png

The Human Design Essentials Summary is your guide to the most important part of your chart: your Type, Strategy, and Authority. It's your ticket to understanding how your aura works, how you are designed to make anxiety-free decisions, and the signposts for when you're on- and off-track.

The summary is provided in pdf format via email and is usually around 30 pages and 10 mb in size.

Requests are most often responded to within a week.


The summary complements a Zoom reading.

Human Design University Series

I love to learn and as a Quad Right, it helps me to play with the text as I go. Creating mind maps and thinking of ways to tell the story to others gives me satisfying energy.

I share these perspectives as a way to help you on your journey. Continue to learn and experiment and grow.

BodyGraph Key Notes & Circuitry
BodyGraph Circuitry.png

When you begin training to read charts, the terminology can be overwhelming. These were so helpful to me as I learned my way around.​ The Body Graph Mind Maps bundle gives you all the key notes, including those that were revised after the Rave I'Ching. These maps include:

  • Gate, channel, and circuitry key note

  • Center primary function

  • The BG5 shadow  terminology and the key lesson for each center

  • Color-coded channels by Type

  • Voices of the Throat

  • Awareness center fears

Mind maps are provided in pdf format. Due to the amount of text to cover, the print is small, but you can zoom when viewing it electronically.

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