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Human Design: Collection

For those who appreciate summaries of their Human Design information, I offer a growing collection of beautifully-designed pdfs for your e-library.

Note that for your chart to be effective, you must know your exact birth time.



My reading with Jennifer was informative, grounding, and deeply nourishing. Jenn has a deep skill in reading the intricacies {and parts unseen} within your chart and translating it all in a way that is digestible, practical, and lands deeply in the heart. Many of the pieces she spoke to offered me deeper clarity on my leadership, mission, and how I get to receive & respond to the world around me.


She also supported me in how I can best attune to and listen to my own internal energy to make more true and anchored choices in my life. Jenn is deeply knowledgable and also so relatable, getting a reading with her is like sitting down with a trusted friend.

NINA  |  Colorado

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