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Human Design

Experience a deep remembering. Find your freedom.​

Human Design is a metaphysical representation of our DNA. It is our circuitry and genetic expression. Based on your date, time, and location of birth, your design brings together your personality and your heritage. It’s a map of your soul’s journey in this lifetime.

Incorporating the wisdom of the I Ching, astrology, and the chakras, Human Design focuses on your strengths, reconnecting you with what is already valuable and special about you. Change comes in a more easy and gracious manner. You play to your strengths.

When you live your design, you use your inherent energy effectively. You step away from the should’s, from all of the things you’ve been told you’re supposed to do to fit in. You come back to yourself. You open up to flow. You let life be easy. You find your freedom.

When you live your design, you align with your soul. You come home to yourself.

Note that for a reading to be effective, you must know your exact birth time.

If you'd like to take classes at IHDS, please contact them for a list of analysts who will provide a Foundation Reading in their required format.

If you'd like to know my design as part of who you choose to work with: I am a Quad Right, 3/5 Generator, Sacral Authority, Cross of Service.


New to Human Design?


Begin with an

Essentials Reading


Image by Susanna Marsiglia


Seeking awareness?


Discover your truth in a

Sacral Session


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Looking to go deeper?


Uncover issues via

Chart Consultation


Image by Conscious Design


Want to change your life?


Embark on your

Human Design Journey


Image by Alexandra Fernandes


My human design session with Jenn was incredible. Jenn is detail oriented, skilled, and compassionate in both human design and healing. Our session really helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and aspects of my life. The past week I have experimented with some of the tools Jenn gave me, and I feel more aligned. I highly recommend working with Jenn, she is a beautiful soul with deep wisdom.


The Human Design reading with Jennifer was one of the most thorough, insightful interpretations I've ever received. I've had a few other Human Design readings in the past but what made Jennifer different - and so effective! - is that I now feel freer to be myself and to relax because I know that I don't have to take any action that doesn't feel right for me as a Generator because it's not aligned or who I am at my core.


Jennifer dove deep into my reading (especially the Gates and Channels) and gave me permission I have been seeking to be my true self. I know that may sound funny, but I am hard on myself and I'm always "should-ing" on myself. Now I feel freer to instead follow my own timing, deadlines, and decisions once my body and emotions are fully on board. I feel less pressured to do things "like everyone else does" or to "fit into a box" because I now know my true nature at a very deep level and how to honor it.


Jennifer creates a non-judgmental, safe space to be vulnerable, and she lovingly and skillfully helped me understand myself in a deeper way so that I now feel freer to go forward in my life and business with less fear and with a greater understanding about what makes me thrive.

LISA FRALEY, JD  |  Legal Coach & Attorney

Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Essentials Reading

Learn Your Type, Strategy, & Authority

We begin with the essentials: How your aura functions and how you are built to make anxiety-free decisions. You’ll learn the signs for when you’re on- and off-track.

If you’re new to Human Design, this is an essential foundation that will guide you for the rest of your life. Learning how to make decisions you can trust, that are right for you, is crucial to aligning with the geometry of your life, bringing you to the right places with the right people in the right time.

You also receive a free 20-minute follow-up session for any questions you may have as you experiment with your Strategy & Authority.

After booking your reading, you'll receive a discount code via email for 20% off an Essentials Summary.

Human Design: Essentials

Generator Sacral Session

Discover Yourself through Response


Generators are here to answer the question: "Who am I?" We receive our answer through response. We can't predict it and we can't control it.

In Sacral Sessions, you're asked yes/no questions so you can respond with your deepest truth. You'll likely be surprised at how your body answers.

Schedule an Essentials Reading first so you're acquainted with your particular Authority.


Emotional Generators benefit from Sacral Sessions throughout their wave.

Image by Esther Verdú
Human Design: Sacral Session
Image by Conscious Design

Chart Consultation

Dive Deeper into Your Dynamics

A chart consultation based on your Human Design is a wonderful opportunity to explore your design in the framework of what you're going through and to shed some light on aspects of your design that may feel particularly attractive to you, or even confusing.

These sessions are ideal for those who would like to cover a specific aspect of their chart, gain insight on energy dynamics at play, and explore how you can lean a little more into your natural strengths.

Human Design: Consultation
Human Design: Journey

Human Design Journey

The Journey of a Lifetime


In this 6-month journey, we’ll work together to explore your design and smooth the de-conditioning process, helping you feel empowered and supported as you begin your differentiation.

This is an intensive program for those who are committed to living their design and would like to support their process with tapping and coaching to balance the energetic shifts that occur along the way.

Begin with the Essentials Reading and follow your Authority to determine if this is the right path for you.

Read more about the program structure here.

Image by Alexandra Fernandes
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