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Divine Guidance

Your truth is inside you. You already hold the answers you seek.

A Course in Miracles says that there's really only one of us here. We're all aspects and reflections of the Divine. We're sparks. We're starlight. We're the Goddess remembering herself.

I believe in finding guidance within, that we have everything we need. I also understand that at times, that truth can be difficult to find. Stress and worry can knock us off center.


You hold a deep well of truth within. Your subconscious will guide you.

The tarot is a beautiful way to bypass our logical minds and tap deep into the well of the subconscious. Through the message of archetypes and universal themes, we are able to see our patterns, our dreams, and our desires. We gain insight and perspective. We learn. We grow.

I’ve been working with the cards for over 30 years and have found it to be a reservoir of peace and purpose that I return to again and again. Even when the message portends change (whether it’s something I want or something that will rock my foundation), that foresight empowers me to take the right action that will best support the particular path I’m on.


My readings focus less on specific outcomes (as those change with you) and more on what is happening. What factors are contributing to the situation you’re in? How do you see yourself? Is your environment supportive? What do you need to work through to embody the goal? What energy will come into play based on the current factors?

For those times when the path is unclear and something more concrete would be most helpful, I add oracle cards. They can add insight and give focus to a reading. They’re also supremely helpful in providing healing wisdom.


You have agency—you are always at choice.


With the power of tarot, you are able to act with clarity and grace.

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Most often, a Celtic Cross to provide a thorough review of where you're at, what's surrounding you, and the likely outcome.

This reading can also be supplemented with a yes/no path.

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Analyze the past, present, and likely future for each of you, as well as what can be created together by your joining.

Your paths can be read in parallel as well as counterpoints to each other.


This reading can also be supplemented with a yes/no path.

Image by Zena Rice-Sarantis

View the major themes of each month in the coming year. Ideal at your birthday or at Samhain (Halloween).

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