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Change your writing. Change your life.

Use the subtle art of graphotherapy to become the person you want to be.

Have you found yourself stuck in a rut? Are you repeating tired and worn-out patterns but don’t know how to stop?


Do you feel like you’re on the cusp of making changes but you just don’t know how to get to the other side?


There are a lot of paths to get to where you want to go. I’d like to introduce you to one that you may not have heard of: graphotherapy.


Handwriting analysis (also called graphology and grapho-analysis) is the study of how our handwriting reflects our personality traits. Our handwriting and the rhythms that underlie it are as unique as our fingerprint. Who we are comes out on the page, every time—even in people who have had to learn to write with their toes!

As a certified handwriting analyst, I specialize in graphotherapy, which is reverse engineering that process by making changes to your handwriting that then create changes in your personality. It can be the difference between procrastinating and having the willpower to get going. It can be that extra something that helps you get to who you want to be. It takes commitment, but when it clicks, it feels like magic.

In the Write It Real program, we’ll work together to identify the personality traits you’d like to change and call in a vision of how you’d like to feel. We’ll create power words to strengthen that vision and we’ll craft a mission statement that brings it home. You’ll embark on a 40-day handwriting and journaling practice to clean out the old patterns you want to change, to reflect on who you truly are, to picture your goal, and to start creating the daily actions that will help you live your best self.


You'll be supported with coaching sessions throughout, and you’ll have prompts to send pictures of your handwriting practice (your journaling work is private to you) so we can keep you on track with adjustments as needed.

The program includes:

  • 2-hour introductory handwriting consultation and coaching session

  • 4 ten-day writing segments (40 days total) with mirror work, handwriting practice, and journaling prompts

  • 3 one-hour coaching sessions, scheduled throughout the process

  • Email review of handwriting progress with feedback and recommendations, if needed

Program cost: $800, which can be split into two monthly payments of $400 each

Program length: 40 days

Daily commitment: 20 to 30 minutes, in addition to the coaching calls


As with any self-improvement program, commiting to looking at our patterns and making changes can be challenging. It’s important that you begin this process when you feel well and in a good place, ready to deal with whatever comes to light. You may feel a little more vulnerable than usual, so give yourself compassion and make space for integrating whatever is appropriate for you.

It’s a beautiful journey where you learn more about yourself and develop the tools to shine. All you need is paper and pen.

There is a waitlist, and I accept handwriting clients selectively. Complete the application and I'll be in touch.

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Jenn’s ability to use her skills to give you an in depth analysis of yourself through handwriting analysis is amazing.

She has such tact and sensitivity when relaying the information. She has the ability to explain what some might consider too personal in such a delicate way that you don’t realize until later what she really said to you. And if you’re someone who is more reserved in how you present it will not feel like an invasion of your privacy.

Her analysis is on point. You will be amazed at the accuracy. Very highly recommend!


Jennifer is incredibly talented and detailed in her Handwriting Analysis. It's so hard to believe how much information she can share just by looking at handwriting.

I have done a LOT of personality tests over the years and this assessment was so different. It went into such (accurate!) detail about parts of myself of which I was not aware - everything from my emotions to my thinking patterns to whether or not I'm broadminded (yes), defiant (average), sarcastic (sometimes).

Every bit of the information in her long, detailed report and video analysis I can use in my business, life and relationships. It was worth every penny... .

She is so generous - I was completely blown away!!!

LISA FRALEY  |  Legal Coach & Attorney

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