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Be you. Always.

Kayla, Rebekah, and I met in our Foundations training at IHDS. We wanted to go deeper than an analytical approach, to really live our designs. So, we began meeting each week to discuss our experiment. Being with them has helped me on my journey so much. They're gracious witnesses. Design wasn't just an intellectual process of learning, we've been living it and discussing it for several years now. I can't begin to express my gratitude.

I was delighted when we launched Book Club. They're already my favorite people to talk about Design with, and getting to do it in a book club format just added to the fun.


You'll find links below for the Program section on my site where you can watch the discussion and download the presentation for your personal collection. There are also links for the YT channel, our Instagram, and contacts points for Kayla and Rebekah.

Best part, it's all free. I hope you have fun!

Meet the Hosts of J | K | R

Jenn.  |  Sacral Generator

As a 3/5, I’m always figuring out what works and what doesn’t…refining along the way, digging deep for the details that will organize the concept, and distilling it into practical solutions that will help people feel better in their lives.


I’m about elevating perspective so you can see the pattern and receive the insight that’s right for you.

Kayla  |  Emotional Manifestor

As a 1/3 I am always deep diving into something, I love learning by reading books and listening to podcasts. I prefer to learn about things a little out of the box and love diving into new and strange topics.


Most of my days are spent with my two children, both Sacral Generators, keeping me super busy as a homeschooling mom. I love observing my children and being able to structure their education to fit their needs and interests.


Follow me over on my Instagram business page at @motherofdane for more homeschooling and mom life content.

Rebekah  |  Splenic Projector

I’m a 2/4 Splenic Projector, Right Angle Cross of Maya. I’m currently on an epic adventure with my husband and our dog traveling across the US and Canada in our RV. It’s been fun for my undefined G Center exploring various places and meeting new people.

I’m leaning into my 4th line profile to create and nurture a network of friends and opportunities all over. I love Human Design as a tool to learn more about myself and others and how the world works.


I’d love to connect with you!

Instagram: rebekah_livingitup or livingitup_adventures

Adventures Blog:


The White Book

by Ra Uru Hu

We began with Ra's second book and the core manual for analysts in training. It's technical, for sure, but covers a wealth of info.

HDBC - White Book - Cover.png


Ra's Mystical Encounter with The Voice

If you haven't watched the movie yet (YT link is also included in the program), it's a crazy ride.

I began my training with Jenna Zoe and have a special love for her beautiful and uplifting expression of Human Design. This is a beginner book and doesn't cover integrated aspects like circuitry or conscious vs. unconscious. But, it is a great place to incorporate a more spiritual approach.


Human Design

by Jenna Zoe


The Love Book

by Ra Uru Hu

I dove into this when I was in year 2 of my analyst education. This book, plus Partnership Analysis and The Sexuality Manual is a rich way to look at how we interconnect and profoundly impact each other.


The Gene Keys:

Golden Path, Love

by Richard Rudd

Gene Keys is a lovely mystical expansion of Human Design. I love how it gives different interpretations of the gates. While I found the Love/Venus sequence book a bit all over the place, I did appreciate the focus on self-love as a pathway to connection with others.

This episode includes a bonus gift of a Canva template link so you can create your own love map.

HDBC - Splits - Cover.png


Split Definitions & Relationships

by Ra Uru Hu

We close out our season of love with a short and sweet focus on Splits in relationship. The ebook is a quick read (about 20 pages)​ that primarily focuses on Splits and Singles. It doesn't provide detail on Triples, Quads, or Reflectors. But, it is a nice exploration of how Splits and Singles may react to conflict in the relationship...which will want to work on the relationship and which will be more inclined to leave.

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