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My Mission

I want to help women fall in love with themselves, to live an empowered and magical life, connected to their joy and purpose.


I want to share what I’ve learned so you, too, can know and love yourself.

Rev. Jennifer Cordes

Everything I offer my clients is rooted in my journey: how I've healed, learned to deal with my mind and emotions, and connected to the deep spirituality that guides all of us.


My business is my ministry: Helping women come home to themselves.

As a recovered anorexic, I know what it’s like to feel deeply disconnected from my body and spirit—to have a yearning for home but feel hopeless in trying to find it. I spent many years not trusting myself, not knowing why I was here, and feeling terrified of my own truth.

My healing began with glimmers of self-acceptance—I caught sight of the Light and used it to guide my path.

I’m here to hold space for your transformation, to offer guidance and support, so that you can connect to your own wisdom. I’m here to help you step into your power and feel fulfilled.


I’m here to help you shine.

My Education

I am a Reverend, Reiki Master, Human Design consultant, metaphysics practitioner, and a triple-certified life, spiritual, and energetic coach in the Toltec tradition.


I am a certified intuitive counselor and practitioner in Divine Resonance Magic.

My Human Design journey began with Jenna Zoe and has been enriched and deepened with studies at IHDS and Jovian.

I am a certified handwriting analyst with a specialty in graphotherapy, which I use as a tool to discern the patterns that are causing issues and work to gently release them.


I hold a master’s degree in metaphysics as well as bachelor’s degrees in psychology and metaphysics.

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