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Rock Maze

This is your wild and precious life. How do you want to experience it?

As a Reverend and Toltec coach, my focus is primarily spiritual—how you live your life, how you connect to your purpose, and how you manifest your heart’s desire.


In the Toltec view, we are all dreamers, creating from our spirit. That feels joyful or distressing according to the ways you’ve been domesticated (conditioned according to the worldview of those you grew up around).


You already know everything you need to know. You already are everything you need to be. The only challenge is to unlearn—to come home to the still place within.

Coaching is a deeply personal undertaking—it’s a process of insight and transformation. It’s a journey to the heart of yourself. When the right connection is in place, you feel safe and supported. You open to your potential.

Through my education in psychology and my personal experience as a client in therapy, I gained insight into the ‘why’ of patterns and problems, but I always left with a feeling of, ‘now, what do I do with it?’ I know what it’s like to uncover something—how satisfying it can feel to be understood, to have a framework. I also know what it’s like to have feelings surge throughout my body, to feel like my mind is spinning and not know how to calm down. Having the insight without the tools to deal with it can be very frustrating. Awareness without transformation/action can keep you frozen in a cycle of discomfort and complaining.

As your coach, I’ll hold space for you to clarify your dreams and solidify the practices that will get you there. I work with a variety of tools and energetic practices to bridge the mind and the body.

We’ll work together to create the support and structure that best suits you and what you’d like to accomplish. I want you to feel happy and fulfilled. I want you to shine.

Coaching is not a replacement for professional counseling or medical or psychiatric treatment. Seek help if you need it.

Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA
  • Untangle thought patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • Clarify your values and embody them on a daily basis

  • Create structures that support your growth

  • Learn powerful & practical tools to heal & strengthen your energy

  • Connect to your deep wisdom

  • Transform with grace and ease

Image by Chris Ensey
  • Build an altar

  • Create your higher power statement

  • Connect with your guides

  • Enact sacred ritual practices

  • Maintain a daily devotion

  • Visualize a connection with your Higher Self

Image by Clem Onojeghuo
  • Explore the self-care strategies that best fit your lifestyle

  • Learn energy medicine techniques to deal with overwhelm

  • Install the boundaries that will help you feel protected and nourished

  • Change the beliefs that are keeping you at the mercy of others

  • Create beliefs that empower you to take control of your energetic space

There is also a course for empaths.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out
  • Identify your golden and dark shadows

  • Gain insight via shamanic body work

  • Change beliefs that are keeping you stuck

  • Heal your inner child

  • Release stored energetic patterns via tapping/EFT

Shadow work can be supplemented with my 40-day graphotherapy program.

Image by Ashley Batz


Amazing!! I love working with Jenn. She is so intuitive and such a powerful healer. No matter what kind of frazzled state I’m in, the moment I start talking with her I return back to a centered grounded state (even via text)!


She is extremely knowledgeable and has a plethora of tools and techniques that she shares to aid in your healing journey. Dealing with shadow work and healing can be very scary and hard, but with Jenn by your side it becomes much more manageable.


She is so gifted and I’m so grateful to have met her.

Jenny R.

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