This is your wild and precious life. How do you want to experience it?

As a Reverend and Toltec coach, my focus is primarily spiritual—how you live your life, how you connect to your purpose, and how you manifest your heart’s desire.

In the Toltec view, we are all dreamers, creating from our spirit. That feels joyful or distressing according to the ways you’ve been domesticated (conditioned according to the worldview of those you grew up around).

You already know everything you need to know. You already are everything you need to be. The only challenge is to unlearn—to come home to the still place within.

Coaching is a deeply personal undertaking—it’s a process of insight and transformation. It’s a journey to the heart of yourself. When the right connection is in place, you feel safe and supported. You open to your potential.

Through my education in psychology and my personal experience as a client in therapy, I gained insight into the ‘why’ of patterns and problems, but I always left with a feeling of, ‘now, what do I do with it?’ I know what it’s like to uncover something—how satisfying it can feel to be understood, to have a framework. I also know what it’s like to have feelings surge throughout my body, to feel like my mind is spinning and not know how to calm down. Having the insight without the tools to deal with it can be very frustrating. Awareness without transformation/action can keep you frozen in a cycle of discomfort and complaining.

As your coach, I’ll hold space for you to clarify your dreams and solidify the practices that will get you there. I work with a variety of tools and energetic practices to bridge the mind and the body.

We’ll work together to create the support and structure that best suits you and what you’d like to accomplish. I want you to feel happy and fulfilled. I want you to shine.

Coaching is not a replacement for professional counseling or medical or psychiatric treatment. Seek help if you need it.

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  • Building an altar

  • Creating your higher power statement

  • Developing your personal mission statement

  • Connecting with your guides

  • Enacting sacred ritual practices

  • Maintaining a daily devotion

  • Visualizing a connection with your Higher Self


  • Identifying your golden and dark shadows

  • Exploring grapho-therapy via a 40-day deep-dive into what you’d like to change

  • Gaining insight via shamanic body work

  • Changing beliefs that are keeping you stuck

  • Healing your inner child

  • Releasing stored energetic patterns via tapping/EFT



  • Surrendering to celestial healing via guided meditation

  • Receiving spiritual healing via distance Reiki

  • Changing beliefs that contribute to illness and discomfort

  • Installing affirmations to help your body and psyche heal

  • Creating a sigil to embody your healing manifestation

  • Developing your own personal peace process with tapping/EFT


  • Exploring the self-care strategies that best fit your lifestyle

  • Learning energy medicine techniques to deal with overwhelm

  • Installing the boundaries that will help you feel protected and nourished

  • Changing the beliefs that are keeping you at the mercy of others

  • Installing beliefs that empower you to take control of your energetic space

Woman by the Water


  • Opening to guidance via tarot and oracle

  • Embarking on a journey to receive wisdom from your guides

  • Creating sacred space via clearing and shielding





I’ve been in love with handwriting analysis since I was 14 years old. Our handwriting and the rhythms that underlie it are as unique as our fingerprint. Who we are comes out on the page, every time. The idea that our personality expresses itself in our writing is fascinating to me. It’s why I studied psychology—so that I could gain a greater understanding of the complex patterns that drive our behavior.

As a certified handwriting analyst, my specialty is grapho-therapy: reverse engineering that process by making changes to your handwriting that then create changes in your personality. When combined with shadow work, it becomes an incredibly powerful tool of transformation. It takes commitment, but when it clicks, it feels like magic.

We’ll work together to identify the personality traits you’d like to change and call in a vision of how you’d like to feel. We’ll create power words to strengthen that vision and craft a mission statement that brings it home. You’ll embark on a 40-day handwriting and journaling practice to clean out the old patterns you want to change, to reflect on who you truly are, to picture your goal, and to start creating the daily actions that will help you live your best self.

It’s a beautiful journey where you learn more about yourself and develop the tools to shine. All you need is paper and pen.

As with any self-improvement program, as we commit to looking at our patterns and making changes, it can be challenging. It’s important that you begin this process when you feel well and in a good place, ready to deal with whatever comes to light. You may feel a little more vulnerable than usual, so give yourself compassion and make space for integrating whatever is appropriate for you.



Tapping (also known as EFT or emotional freedom technique) is a powerful way to release emotion from the body. It’s a transformative merging of positive psychology and acupressure. 

By tapping on various energetic points while deeply and truly expressing yourself, frozen or stuck places in the energetic body are cleared and released. The beauty of this practice is that it gives you something concrete to do with anxiety, tension, fear, and sadness.

Tapping meets you exactly where you are. You don’t have to try and make yourself believe in affirmations if you aren’t there yet. If you need several rounds to vent your anger, it’s there for you. If you need to safely express your fears, it’s there for you. You come around to installing positive beliefs only when you’re ready.

It is this deep honesty that gains the trust of your subconscious—when you express how you truly feel (not how you wish you felt or think you should be feeling), the subconscious stops fighting you. Your ego gets on board. You can then move toward the change that you’d like to experience.

As with most bodywork, it is recommended that you stay well hydrated to help your lymph system flush toxins. You may feel more tired as your body processes the emotional release.


Distance Reiki

Reiki is a beautiful expression of love, peace, and healing. It is about getting in touch with the inner spark and bringing it to light. Reiki guides the healer and the participant to their unique experience of divinity. Every time I work with the energy, it’s familiar and yet new. It is my pathway to Source and the truest gift I can offer.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve as a Reiki Master in the traditional Usui method.

We’ll begin the session with what you’re experiencing and what you’d like to shift. My energy channels come through quickly and strongly, so our energetic connection will last approximately 15 minutes. After that, we’ll go through some grounding practices and how you can incorporate what you’ve experienced.

I offer Reiki for adults, children, and animals.

Experiences of Reiki vary by individual based on what is happening in the energetic bodies. Some may find it energizing while others are relaxed by it and prefer to sleep as soon as possible. Some clients may feel their symptoms intensify before the energy crests and releases. It is important to stay well hydrated. The beauty of Reiki is that it meets you where you are. I recommend that you follow your intuition as to the best time for you to experience Reiki—do not push yourself.

Reiki is not a substitute or replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment. You should always consult a professional when needed.


Tarot & Oracle

The tarot is a beautiful way to bypass our logical minds and tap deep into the well of the subconscious. Through the message of archetypes and universal themes, we are able to see our patterns, our dreams, and our desires. We gain insight and perspective. We learn. We grow.

I’ve been working with the cards for over 20 years and have found it to be a reservoir of peace and purpose that I return to again and again. Even when the message portends change (whether it’s something I want or something that will rock my foundation), that foresight empowers me to take the right action that will best support the particular path I’m on.

My readings focus less on specific outcomes (as those change with you) and more on what is happening. What factors are contributing to the situation you’re in? How do you see yourself? Is your environment supportive? What do you need to work through to embody the goal? What’s likely to happen based on the current factors?

You have agency—you are always at choice. With the power of tarot, you are able to act with clarity and grace.

For those times when the path is unclear and something more concrete would be most helpful, I add oracle cards. They can add insight and give focus to reading. They’re also supremely helpful in providing a healing wisdom.

I believe that we already contain the answers to our questions, and my work is to help you uncover them.


Space Clearing & Shielding

Our environment has a deep impact on our psyche. The way you live in your space reflects how you live in your life. Is it calm and peaceful? Focused and driven? Chaotic and reactive? Does your home feel sacred, a place where you feel safe to express your heart?


There are 3D actions you can take to address the physical element of your space: housecleaning, clutter clearing, and feng shui to optimize the energy flow. But, there are also energetic practices that will elevate the frequency and intensity of your intentions.


In this consultation, we’ll work together to create the plan that feels best for you. Practices can include: smoke bathing, sound cleansing, salt and flame purification, incense threading, and color visualizations—all aligned with the intentions you have for your sacred space.


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