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Image by Shelby Miller

I love to write. It's my favorite mode of self-expression.

I offer these samples of my work as a way for you to get to know me discern if you'd like to work with me.

Image by lilartsy

Human Design Chart Analysis

Focus on Anxiety

Whether you're new to Human Design or you've been around the block a few times and are looking for something different, it's important to get a feel for your analyst.

Chart readings are deeply personal and transformative. Working with someone who feels correct to you, who touches you, who you see as being able to assist you on your journey, is so important to your process. There is no one-size-fits-all approach because each design is unique.

Anxiety was a big challenge for me, so treating it has become a focal point in my toolkit. When I was in analyst training, I chose to work with my chart from the viewpoint of anxiety. I was surprised at what came up, what truth I had to offer, and how much it helped me on my journey.

Obviously, this is specific to my particular design. However, when one of us heals, it creates space for all of us to heal. You may read something that touches your heart and soothes your soul.

And, at the very least, you will gain a sense of my reading style.

May you find peace in your process.

Looking Glass Reflections Spirituality Charleston_edited_edited.jpg


A Dog's Path to Spirituality


After all of my spiritual seeking and endeavors, ironically, one of my greatest teachers has been my dog.

Meet Charleston and our rocky path to living in harmony.

I talk about how meditation helped me move toward self-acceptance and was a way for me to heal debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

Image by Jared Rice


The Path of the Master


Reiki is a profound journey that connects you with universal love. It is healing and transformation on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

It is pure love, deeply and utterly profound.

The journey is unique to each practitioner. I experienced surprising shifts when I became a Master that left me wondering if I'd be able to help anyone again. Like everything else in my life, I had to find my own way at my own pace. It took the time it took.

I describe my journey as well as provide a primer on the Reiki healing process.

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