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What do you believe and what do you allow?

Magic is a devotion unto itself. I’ve had that phrase running through my mind for about a week now. It was something my guide said to me in meditation.

What does it mean? For me, magic is about aligning with my deepest desire and trusting the Universe to help me manifest it. It’s a free-fall into surrender. There is no safety net. You’re either in or you’re out. No halfway.

I desperately want more magic in my life. I want to feel like I’m in the flow, like the Universe is designed to support me, that I’m safe, that I can relax and have the experiences I came here to have…to be myself. (I’m also Quad Right in Human Design with my conscious Moon in Gate 15, so this is kind of built into me.)

When I talked to my guide about it and she gave me that answer, she was telling me that I have to look for it, I have to create space for it, I have to align myself with it—I have to be it.

I experienced the power of it last night.

I love to cross-stitch. The repetitive nature of making colorful x’s on linen soothes me. I love the tactile experience and the visuals of watching a design bloom into being. As I was pulling the thread through, it was like the needle jumped out of my hand. It flew behind me and I heard a little ping, which meant it was somewhere on the hardwood floor behind me.

My first reaction was to tense up—I didn’t want Charleston (my inquisitive dog) to accidentally step on it.

I have a large open space where it sounded like it fell, so finding it should have been easy. It wasn’t. I had a flashlight, I was on my hands and knees. I looked everywhere. I could feel the worry starting to mount, that Charleston would get hurt, or I would.

I took a calming breath and I remembered what my guide said. I created a little prayer/spell that I could recite to keep my mind in alignment with my goal:

What was lost shall now be found

Bring my needle to me safe and sound

I said it over and over. I got into a rhythm. And, I kept looking. I trusted the prayer to work and I trusted that I would find the needle in a miraculous way. It wasn’t instantaneous. It took several minutes, and at various points when it didn’t happen fast enough, I could feel myself starting to doubt. Would magic fail me? Was I not in alignment enough to manifest a miracle?

I had turned away to check in another location, just in case it jumped farther than I anticipated. When I turned back to the open place behind my sofa, there it was. Smack-dab in the center, a place I had scoured—repeatedly.

As I picked it up, I intoned thank you, thank you, thank you. I felt such deep gratitude that I had received a miracle, that I got to witness alignment in action. Not only was my prayer answered, but it was done in an extraordinary way. Magic was at work. Call it faith, call it prayer…it comes down to the same thing. What do you believe? And, what do you allow?

I can believe in magic and miracles, but if I don’t make space for them in my life, they won’t be part of my experience. I’ll yearn for them and feel like I’m missing something precious.

Or, I can use mundane opportunities to tune into the magic all around me. I can surrender my tendency to freak out and my overarching desire to control and let the answer come in a surprising way. And really, isn’t that more fun? Isn’t the whole point to co-create with the Universe? To be surprised and delighted? To feel the deep satisfaction of attunement?

What do you believe? And, what do you allow?

Look at your priorities. What are you making space for in your life? If it’s important, you’ll make time. If it isn’t, you’ll make an excuse.

Let it be easier, let yourself relax into what you deeply desire. You’re carrying that yearning for a reason. It’s meant for you because you’re supposed to be part of manifesting it in the world.

Shine on,



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