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When a kid calls you out

Updated: Jul 11

This post is going to seem like a crazy, roundabout way to explain why it begins with a watercolor picture of a duck. Hang in there with me. It’ll make sense, eventually, I promise.

Charleston and I were on a walk this past summer. I was in mourning from the breakup and was proud of myself for getting out of the house. We were on the final leg of the walk and Charleston was pulling, on a mission to get us back home.

She’s never been great with kids and when I saw a little boy playing, I pulled her close and scooched us to the side so she wouldn’t be triggered.

I nodded to him and as we passed, he started a conversation with me. It was really intentional on his part because my energy was very closed off (bubble of sadness) and I don’t have a friendly dog. We pretty much broadcast isolation.

He wanted to know her name and then he wanted to know if I had kids. I’ve been asked a lot of strange things by people over the years, but a little boy on the street wanting to know if I have kids kind of tops it. I told him Charleston was my kid. That popped off another avenue.

I was at the limit of my social expression for the day and Charleston was really anxious to get home by that point. I told him, ‘bye, and as I was already a few yards away, he told me I looked like a teacher. Not, his teacher (as if I reminded him of someone), just a teacher.

I felt like a bolt of lightning had struck me to the spot. That was the first career I fantasized about as a child. I wanted to be able to express information in understandable ways, and I wanted to organize the process. Plus, I wanted to be bossy :)

I talked with my study group about it and Kayla (our channel queen) mentioned that it’s in one of my lines that I can be called out by children:

From the Rave I’Ching Line Companion: “There is this moment for a 13.2 where, all of sudden, people that you never expected to have something important to say, do so. Usually children do that to them. That awakens the possibility that you can actually hear something worthwhile from the unexpected. Kids can say something very profound and it just changes the 13.2.”

The concept of teacher has been bubbling away in my psyche for months now. I’ve been exploring how I can do it in my heretical way…honoring the true foundations of Human Design yet leaving room for interpretation and expression by the individual. I’ve been waiting for my tribe.

Flash-forward to this past weekend. I spent time with my brother, sister in law, and my niece. She was looking at my art projects, reverently moving through the pages I’ve touched and colored and drawn, and told me, “Aunt Jenn, you’re an artist.”

I was stopped in my tracks by a kid yet again. It’s always been a secret yearning of mine to be an artist. I envision a life where I write, create art, and play the piano. I desire creative expression, where my soul can be honest and free.

That next day, I got out my art supplies and Gina the duck was the result. She’s the 3rd watercolor painting I’ve done, courtesy of Let’s Make Art. Sarah Cray is a great teacher and the process is fun and immensely soothing. Time stopped for me. I felt like I dropped in to my body and fully relaxed.

Of course, it’s not perfect. There are so many things I’d like to change. I’m not as skilled as I want to be. But, yet, that’s kind of the point. I relaxed and played and had fun and this was born, and it doesn’t have to be anything other than what it is.

That one art project on a Sunday afternoon unlocked other things. I got back into my research on Tarot and the Tree of Life (I have a desire to tie this into the HD chart, especially since the channels come from the Kabbalah). I also started to feel called back to my metaphysics research on healing.

I just finished reading the History of Geometry and I’m into advanced studies in PHS. I’m seeing the link nodes and base orientation in a whole new way. I could feel this thread pulling at me this morning that I want to share it with people. There is so much profound depth and beauty in the chart.

All of that from painting a duck?

All of that from listening to kids?

Yeah, maybe so.

Shine on,



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