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It all comes back to the body

I’ve been studying Human Design obsessively—I don’t use that word lightly, either—for a year and a half now. It’s no secret that I’m a recovered anorexic. My desire to make peace with my body is what drew me to the knowledge. It was (and still is) mind-blowing to me to realize that I can trust my body, that it’s not out to get me, that it doesn’t have an agenda to make my life miserable, that I can learn to live in harmony with it. Learning that my body holds my wisdom—and has all along—is just incredible.

For so long, my mind was running my life. And as I’ve come to learn via HD, the mind (Ajna) operates across all time, which basically means that when you make a mental decision, your mind can torture you with it ad nauseum. What if I did it that way? What if I said that instead? What if I should have? What if, what if, what if. It goes on and on.

I had the happy experience of a true Sacral decision when I was 19 and my body told me clearly and undeniably that I was a vegetarian. I never doubted it, I never worried about it, and for the past 30 years I have never once regretted it. It has always been baffling to me when people tell me they just couldn’t do it, that they were too tempted, or worse, that they didn’t feel good eating a purely plant-based diet. I didn’t have any of that. Now, I know it’s because my Inner Authority was guiding me to what is correct for me, and I was thankfully smart enough to listen.

PHS (primary health system) has felt like the holy grail of knowledge in Human Design. It’s not easy to get to, it takes a lot of study to unravel the complexities, and it takes time. Even though I no longer diet and torture myself about my body size, I do hold the value that what we eat matters. It makes sense to me that trying to suss out as much info as I can on PHS has kept my voracious appetite for knowledge churning all this time.

I’m studying the impact of color on profile right now, and over and over, Ra talks about how the form dominates. The personality is a style, a way Outer Authority is expressed. Everything starts with how your brain is designed to work, and that is fed by your Determination (your PHS). It all comes back to the body, always the body.

Is your brain designed to be a Hunter who is a Teacher?

Is your brain designed to be a Gatherer who is a Guru?

Is your brain designed to be a Transformer who is a Priest/ess?

Is your brain designed to be a Determiner who is a Prophet?

Is your brain designed to be a Listener who is a Messenger?

is your brain designed to be a Watcher who is a Buddha?

All of this works together to create the foundation your personality can use to share what you’re here to share, and that has its own beautiful layering. But, in order to get to the full expression, your brain has to be fed in the way it was designed to be fed. There’s really no getting around that. Your cognition (your strongest sense/antenna) comes online and your Strategy & Authority work more cleanly…all from taking in food and information the way you’re designed to.

The more I learn, the more I realize that this knowledge has so much incredible depth and complexity…it just keeps expanding.

Wherever you are in your journey, I salute you. It takes great courage to follow your own inner truth, to step away from the easy path and blaze your own trail.

Shine on,



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