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Give Yourself Some Grace

Sharing yourself with another is a beautiful and sacred act. Try to do just that—share yourself, the real you. The one who has a bit of a pooch in her tummy, the one with some cellulite on her thighs, the one who has a body that’s been lived in, wonderfully and gloriously lived in. The one who has crinkles at the corners of her eyes from a lifetime of laughing. The one who shines.

Stop chasing the illusion of perfection. It’s our imperfections that make us unique, that contribute to who we are.

You get one body. Love it, respect it, enjoy it. Be in it. Don’t let the way it looks be an excuse to reject the intimacy in your life. Show up. Take what is offered to you and give in return. Love yourself so you can show up to love others.



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