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Create Your Own Space

I’ve embarked on some Marie Kondo-ing...going through my books, some odds and ends around the house, old trinkets, etc. I’ve been processing some old emotional wounds (finally!) and felt that my environment was out of sync with what I want to call in. It’s time for me to take stock and re-imagine.

Not only has clearing some physical things helped to free up some much-needed energy, but it’s also helped me to reassess my intentions for the life and business I’m creating.

I do all the things...meditate, yoga, Reiki, mala chants, personal development courses, tapping, flower essences, essential oils, work with an extraordinary intuitive coach... you name it and I’ve probably done it. It’s all wonderful.

But there comes a time when you need to be more actively involved. You have to get your hands dirty. You have to make a mess so you can clean it up.

It’s in the cleaning that you find yourself. What do you value? What nourishes your soul? What lights you up? How do you want to feel?

I start with my books because they represent my thinking. Once that has some space, I can expand to other areas. I have room to add pleasure back into my life. I have space to exhale.

Find your entry point. You probably already know what it’s that thing that bugs you every time you see it...that thought of ‘it’ll be so great when I get that done.’ Start there. It’ll free you up for other inspirations.

We have so much power in our lives, so much capacity to create. Wield yours constructively. Decide. Start. Experiment. Play.

Shine on,



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