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Anxiety is a fear you're trying to control

So much goes on in our head. There’s so much we try to control, so many places we give our lives over to pre-conceived notions of what our lives should look like and how we should be.

It’s crazy-making. A hamster wheel that will get you nowhere, no matter how hard you try.

One of my healing experiences in Human Design analyst training occurred when I looked at my chart through the lens of anxiety.

I have a history of an eating disorder, my Ego and Solar Plexus are completely open, I’m Quad Right, and yet I have a lot of logic in my chart.

I had no idea how to trust myself and I certainly didn’t trust the universe to have my back. It disconnected me from my wisdom, my inner compass, and my magic.

Working with my chart helped me come back into alignment, into grace.

All of the spiritual work I had been doing was given a focal point. I could finally see where the voice in my head was coming from. I could see how helpless and frustrated it made me. And, I could see that the only way to win is not to play the game.

With my open Solar Plexus, I still experience anxiety at times. And there may be an occasional panic attack. But, they’re not constant. And, they move through me instead of lodging inside me.

💕 I can see progress.

💕 I’ve learned to be compassionate with myself.

💕 And, I’ve learned to be patient as I go through the de-conditioning journey.

It takes as long as it takes. How you show up for yourself makes all the difference.

My chart reading is available on the Resources section of my website.

Shine on,



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