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Plant Mirror Reflection


Your truth is inside you. You already hold the answers you seek.

I believe in finding guidance within, that we have everything we need. I also understand that at times, that truth can be difficult to find. Stress and worry can knock us off center. It can be helpful for someone to hold up a mirror so that you can more clearly see yourself.

I believe in you. I believe in your journey. Let me help you see yourself a little more clearly.

Human Design

Experience a deep remembering. Find your freedom.


Human Design is a metaphysical representation of our DNA. It is our circuitry and genetic expression. Based on your date, time, and location of birth, your design brings together your personality and your heritage. It’s a map of your soul’s journey in this lifetime.

Incorporating the wisdom of the I Ching, astrology, and the chakras, Human Design focuses on your strengths, reconnecting you with what is already valuable and special about you. Change comes in a more easy and gracious manner. You play to your strengths.

When you live your design, you use your inherent energy effectively. You step away from the should’s, from all of the things you’ve been told you’re supposed to do to fit in. You come back to yourself. You open up to flow. You let life be easy. You find your freedom.

The 90-minute reading will be a deep-dive into your design, tailored to where you are on your journey. If it's your first reading, we'll focus on the foundation of your energy type and strategy.

If you've had a reading before, we can take it a little deeper by focusing on your profile, gates, and channels.

For either, you can schedule follow-up coaching calls as you continue on your journey of living your design. This can support you with challenges like de-conditioning, re-working your beliefs, and healing your inner child. Shamanic journeys also empower you to hear your deep wisdom and connect with your guides and higher self.

You’ll receive a written summary of your reading that you can refer back to, and it’ll also include diet and digestion recommendations based on your energy type. I’ve also created a unique representation of the energy body that will be customized to your specific circuitry. 

I’m so excited to share this liberating tool. When you live your design, you align with your soul. You come home to yourself.

Reading cost: $222

Note that for a reading to be effective, you must know your exact birth time.



My human design session with Jenn was incredible. Jenn is detail oriented, skilled, and compassionate in both human design and healing. Our session really helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and aspects of my life. The past week I have experimented with some of the tools Jenn gave me, and I feel more aligned. I highly recommend working with Jenn, she is a beautiful soul with deep wisdom.  


The Human Design reading with Jennifer was one of the most thorough, insightful interpretations I've ever received. I've had a few other Human Design readings in the past but what made Jennifer different - and so effective! - is that I now feel freer to be myself and to relax because I know that I don't have to take any action that doesn't feel right for me as a Generator because it's not aligned or who I am at my core.


Jennifer dove deep into my reading (especially the Gates and Channels) and gave me permission I have been seeking to be my true self. I know that may sound funny, but I am hard on myself and I'm always "should-ing" on myself. Now I feel freer to instead follow my own timing, deadlines, and decisions once my body and emotions are fully on board. I feel less pressured to do things "like everyone else does" or to "fit into a box" because I now know my true nature at a very deep level and how to honor it.


Jennifer creates a non-judgmental, safe space to be vulnerable, and she lovingly and skillfully helped me understand myself in a deeper way so that I now feel freer to go forward in my life and business with less fear and with a greater understanding about what makes me thrive.

LISA FRALEY, JD  |  Legal Coach & Attorney

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Tap into your deep well of truth. Let your subconscious guide you.


The tarot is a beautiful way to bypass our logical minds and tap deep into the well of the subconscious. Through the message of archetypes and universal themes, we are able to see our patterns, our dreams, and our desires. We gain insight and perspective. We learn. We grow.

I’ve been working with the cards for over 20 years and have found it to be a reservoir of peace and purpose that I return to again and again. Even when the message portends change (whether it’s something I want or something that will rock my foundation), that foresight empowers me to take the right action that will best support the particular path I’m on.


My readings focus less on specific outcomes (as those change with you) and more on what is happening. What factors are contributing to the situation you’re in? How do you see yourself? Is your environment supportive? What do you need to work through to embody the goal? What’s likely to happen based on the current factors?


You have agency—you are always at choice. With the power of tarot, you are able to act with clarity and grace.


For those times when the path is unclear and something more concrete would be most helpful, I add oracle cards. They can add insight and give focus to a reading. They’re also supremely helpful in providing healing wisdom.


I believe that we already contain the answers to our questions, and my work is to help you uncover them.

Image by Sincerely Media

Handwriting Analysis

Your personality patterns are a powerful way to better understand yourself.


I’ve been in love with handwriting analysis since I was 14 years old. Our handwriting and the rhythms that underlie it are as unique as our fingerprint. Who we are comes out on the page, every time.


The idea that our personality expresses itself in our writing is fascinating to me. It’s why I studied psychology—so that I could gain a greater understanding of the complex patterns that drive our behavior.

In the personality assessment, I'll review your handwriting for over 150 traits to create a portrait of how you move in the world—where you expand, where you contract, where you shine, and where your shadow is taking up space.

We'll review the results in a 90-minute coaching call where you'll have plenty of time to ask questions. You'll receive a written summary that is yours to keep.

Handwriting analysis can stand alone; it can also serve as a deep foundation for shadow work and grapho-therapy.

Program cost: $333

There is a waitlist, and I accept handwriting clients selectively. Complete the application and I'll be in touch.

Image by Sincerely Media


Jenn’s ability to use her skills to give you an in depth analysis of yourself through handwriting analysis is amazing.

She has such tact and sensitivity when relaying the information. She has the ability to explain what some might consider too personal in such a delicate way that you don’t realize until later what she really said to you. And if you’re someone who is more reserved in how you present it will not feel like an invasion of your privacy.

Her analysis is on point. You will be amazed at the accuracy. Very highly recommend!


Jennifer is incredibly talented and detailed in her Handwriting Analysis. It's so hard to believe how much information she can share just by looking at handwriting.

I have done a LOT of personality tests over the years and this assessment was so different. It went into such (accurate!) detail about parts of myself of which I was not aware - everything from my emotions to my thinking patterns to whether or not I'm broadminded (yes), defiant (average), sarcastic (sometimes).

Every bit of the information in her long, detailed report and video analysis I can use in my business, life and relationships. It was worth every penny... .

She is so generous - I was completely blown away!!!

LISA FRALEY  |  Legal Coach & Attorney


Write your way to change.

As a certified handwriting analyst, my specialty is grapho-therapy: making changes to your handwriting that then create changes in your personality. When combined with shadow work, it becomes an incredibly powerful tool of transformation. It takes commitment, but when it clicks, it feels like magic.


We’ll work together to identify the personality traits you’d like to change and call in a vision of how you’d like to feel. We’ll create power words to strengthen that vision and craft a mission statement that brings it home. You’ll embark on a 40-day handwriting and journaling practice to clean out the old patterns you want to change, to reflect on who you truly are, to picture your goal, and to create the daily actions that will help you live your best self.

This program is a mixture of coaching, grapho-therapy (the handwriting practice), and journaling. It includes:

  • 2-hour introductory coaching session

  • 4 ten-day writing segments (40 days total) with mirror work, handwriting practice, and journaling prompts

  • 3 one-hour coaching sessions, scheduled throughout the process

  • Email review of handwriting progress with feedback and recommendations, if needed

It’s a beautiful journey where you learn more about yourself and develop the tools to shine. All you need is paper and pen.

Program cost: $605

There is a waitlist, and I accept handwriting clients selectively. Complete the application and I'll be in touch.

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