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Empowering Empaths

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You came here for a reason. You came here raise the vibration of the planet. ​ Empaths have a high calling—to raise the vibration, to be the light. By our very nature, we are designed to experience and elevate. It's a gift. ​ But, when we're untrained, when our boundaries aren't in place, that gift feels like a burden. The people around us affect whether we have a good day or a bad one. We may feel like we need other people to be happy just so we can relax. We feel tight and tense. We try to control. ​ Learning to manage your energetic frequency can go a long way toward helping you feel more grounded and centered. ​ In this 90-minute Empath 101 workshop, you'll learn practical tools (including tapping) to manage overwhelm, release what doesn't belong to you, and reclaim your energy. You'll learn to recognize and feel the feelings that are yours and gently release those that aren't. Confrontation gets a little less scary. Your truth gets easier to express. ​ When you connect to your own healing energy, you can connect to your purpose and do what you came here to do: Shine!​


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