My sessions with Jenn were so profound and interesting. She guided me into a place of peace within myself and also helped me realize areas that needed attention on my part.

She was kind with her words and genuine with her intent. I felt supported and comfortable sharing my story with her. I would definitely recommend her for your coaching needs!

KLP  |  St. Louis

Jenn is an amazing coach! I have the pleasure of knowing and working with many different life coaches and I feel a stronger connection and a deeper sense of intuition from Jenn, than I have felt with any of the others.

I told Jenn at the beginning that I needed help seeing my blind spots and, even though I wasn't sure what that meant, she has continually surprised me by doing just that! She has been able to point out strengths I didn't know I had and pinpoint the root of many of my fears and unhealthy patterns.

I am extremely grateful I've had this time to work through my challenges and towards my goals with Jenn and plan to work with her to achieve even more!

Bonny  |  Austin

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