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Variable and the substructure are endlessley fascinating to me. So much can be read just from the direction of the arrows alone. I've been focused on substructure since the beginning of my Human Design journey...from PHS and Radical Transformations through color and resonance mapping, it's safe to say I'm obsessed.


Ra was very focused on education, particularly for children, and he had a lot to say when it comes to how the Design and Personality Sun/Earth's work with each other, how they place in the Variable Grid, and how storylines influence our trajectory along our fractals.


Needless to say, it is a very deep topic.


For this particualr aspect of our journey, we're going to focus on the top left and top right arrows in your chart. You'll get an insight into how your brain and mind best interact, as well as how you're built to it in a concentrated burst, a periodic a-ha, or a cyclical pattern via our science fiction-y Solar Plexus?


Grab your chart and find out!

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