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Your words are your magic wands

As Natalia Benson says, whatever follows “I am” is a creative act.

What are you telling yourself? What are you creating?

Do you hear yourself say, I’m so tired. I am so sick of __. I’m not ready for that. I’m not ok.

Those are feelings. They’re not how your inner being, your soul, your spiritual essence views the situation. You can tell because it won’t feel good to think or say it. You’ll feel anxious, stressed, and weighted down.

Instead, say: I feel tired. I don’t feel in alignment with __. I want to work on it some more before I act.

After you express where you’re at, you can call in what you want: I choose to trust that I’m being guided to the perfect solution.

Honor your feelings and they will shift. They’re not a permanent state. You can let them flow. When you honor how you feel, you stop resisting the moment. You create space for transformation.

Words are wands. The spoken word (and the thoughts you’re thinking) are incredibly powerful. Use them as an opportunity to affirm the life you want to create.

Shine on,



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