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Use your writing to hack your brain

When you take the time to write by hand, parts of your brain associated with comprehension, memory, and creativity light up.

Computers and phones and tablets are wonderful tools. But, haven’t you noticed that you may not remember things the same as when you write them down? That’s because our brains don’t interact with them in the same way.

The unique formation of letters—your writing, your way—is keyed to you and your brain gets on board.

So, what does this mean? Why is it worthwhile?

For those who like to journal: It’s a beautiful way to gain insight (comprehension) from your past experiences. You may even find that when you journal about an experience, other memories are prompted that help you process the event.

For those of you who like to vision board: Seeing your goals is an amazing motivation (especially if your Human Design condition is vision-based). Writing them out—as if you already have them—will engage your brain in a different way. Your creativity can come on line. Connections form. Sparks happen.

For those of you who work with affirmations (a la Louise Hay): Write them out. Write them out. Write them out. I cannot state this strongly enough. I’ve seen incredible changes in this—even in people who hadn’t heard of the concept and held no belief that it would work. I’d aim for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 per day.

For those of you with Human Design Ajna to Throat gates: We are designed to define the maia, to create it based on how we translate light frequency into sound. When you write by hand, you engage your brain in supporting you, you leverage your considerable talents. All of you comes on board. You’re manifesting in a different way.

This can be an especially helpful way to work with the energy if you have a split from the Throat (very common for Generators), or you don’t have easy access to a motor. The mind can become very frustrated by ideas that don’t seem to translate into the real world.

When you write your intentions, your visions, your dreams, you align with your nature. You open yourself up to meet the correct people and opportunities to support you. You take that mind energy from a closed fist that wants to pound into things to make them happen, and instead, place it in your open palm—ready and waiting far the other to meet you.

Shine on,



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