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Tarot spread for relationship

I’ve been working with my tarot cards quite a bit over the past couple of months. I’ve had an issue that has been pinging me, forcing me to change and grow. And, I’ve desperately needed guidance. I’ve been relying heavily on my spiritual practice, and the cards have been part of that path as a way to tap into my subconscious, to really hear myself.

I created a spread that had to do with a relationship. It was interesting to notice that when I interpreted it for myself, I got what I needed to know at that time. When I prepared to share it with the other person, I relaxed into it, and all of these incredible insights just sprang to life. They were the same cards, from the same spread, drawn a while ago, but with the intention of communication, something new sprang forth.

It also occurred to me that reading the cards is a lot like keynoting a chart in Human Design. There is a craft to it—I’ve been reading the cards for 3 decades now. But, it’s also a great deal of art, it's poetry in motion. It’s being open and receptive, it’s trusting your intuition, it’s the discernment of knowing what is appropriate to share and what needs to be held back until a later time.

It’s a lot to juggle. Except, when you surrender to it, it’s really a dance. You move from do-ing to be-ing. The energies live and breathe, and it’s rewarding and deeply fulfilling to be part of it, to be in service.

As a Quad Right in Human Design, that feeling of being a receptive well that others can draw from feels amazing. There's nothing quite like having something beautiful drawn from you, from being able to participate in the process, trusting it, and surrendering the outcome. It is so deeply satisfying.

If any of you are beginning (or refining) your journey, I offer this advice:

  • Treat your deck with respect. Store it carefully. Show reverence. It’s a sacred tool.

  • Build a relationship with your deck. Take the time to get a feel for it and the energy it has to communicate. They’re each different and they respond to us in unique ways.

  • Be serious. It’s not a choose-your-own-adventure. When you consult it and you become a living oracle, you are channeling the wisdom that is correct at that time. Don’t ask the same question over and over, hoping for a different result. It breaks trust and you can end up blocking the energies altogether.

  • Be realistic. Tarot offers a snapshot of the path that you’re on. It can change in a heartbeat. The cards are there to guide you to what you already know to be true. That wisdom comes from within…the cards are a way to access it.

  • Be fluid. As you build a relationship with your deck, you’ll likely find that the same card takes on different meanings in different situations. Sometimes you rely on the guidebook and others, you just know. Trust it.

If you’re curious, the relationship spread I created was 3 vertical on the left, 3 on the right, and 1 card in the center. The column on the left was the other person, the column on the right was me, and the center card was what we create together.

The top of each column can be read as the future, the middle as the present, and the bottom as the past.

They can be read vertically (past, present, and future for the other person and yourself). They can also be read as counterpoints to each other.

May you find the guidance that resides within.

Shine on,



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