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Lighten your load

In Human Design, I’m a Generator and I’m quad right (all 4 arrows at the top point to the right). This is a herald of the new karmic cycle, the new way of being and manifesting. It’s about getting what you want by aligning with what’s best for you, then letting the magic happen.

That sounds fun and easy until you realize just how often we’re conditioned that we have to go out and make it happen, to visualize, to focus on our intentions and lists, our vision boards. Don’t get me wrong, those are great but they just don’t work for me.

I’ve been going through some changes, shedding some old ways of doing things that are past their time. I’m no longer willing to carry around the skins of my old self. It’s a time of loss, of saying 'no' more often so I have space to say 'yes.'

And in that new space, it’s scary to not have something new. Hence, my manic attempts to want to manifest and to control it…what it would look like, how it would happen, and when and where.

My guide offered me this wisdom: The how is not your function. You have only to ask and allow.

What a sigh of relief. To let myself be as I am and not only accept that it is enough but that the Universe is designed to support me. To let myself rest in the trust that the right things are coming in the right way at the right time. My only job is to say yes, to shine.

The same holds true for you. Your way is calling to's that deep and quiet yearning, the one that just doesn't go away. Tune in. Take a small step in that direction. Then, take another. Keep going. Be the light you were born to be.

Shine on,



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