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It's Just True

So often when we come to Human Design, we’re enthusiastic. For many of us, it’s the first time we’ve felt truly seen. As if someone looked deep inside and said, “Yes, this…this is who you are.” It can feel like a beautiful homecoming.

It can also, unfortunately, make us aware of the places we wish we were different. It’s normal to think if only I had this, or if only I didn’t have this one difficult aspect. We start segmenting ourselves, trying to pick and choose what’s us and what isn’t.

It never works because it isn’t authentic. It isn’t your truth.

There is nothing you need to do other than to be who you are. Who you are in your design is who you are in your life. Sure, aspects can shift based on who’s in your life and what you’re going through. But, those core strengths are yours.

And, the places where you’re here to learn, those are yours too. They may feel challenging at times, but that’s ok, they’re supposed to.

My favorite thing about Human Design is the message that it’s all ok. Every one of us has a unique way of being in the world. We’re all beautiful expressions of cosmic harmony. Our only job is to honor that. Everything else comes so much easier when we let ourselves be who we really are.

If you’d like to go deeper into your design, reach out for a session.

Shine on,



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