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Human Design Readings are Open!

"My human design session with Jenn was incredible. Jenn is detail oriented, skilled, and compassionate in both human design and healing. Our session really helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and aspects of my life. The past week I have experimented with some of the tools Jenn gave me, and I feel more aligned. I highly recommend working with Jenn, she is a beautiful soul with deep wisdom." ~ Lauren, NC

Human Design is a beautiful, empowering way to express your gifts. You learn to get out of your own way. You drop conditioning. You release tension. You embrace the Light you were born to carry. You find your freedom.

As a metaphysical representation of our DNA, it is our circuitry and genetic expression. Based on your date, time, and location of birth, your design brings together your personality and your heritage. It’s a map of your soul’s journey in this lifetime.

When you live your design, you use your inherent energy effectively. You step away from the should’s, from all of the things you’ve been told you’re supposed to do to fit in. You come back to yourself. You open up to flow. You let life be easy.

The 90-minute reading will be a deep-dive into your design, tailored to where you are on your journey. If it's your first reading, we'll focus on the foundation of your energy type and strategy. If you've had a reading before, we can take it a little deeper by focusing on your profile, gates, and channels.

For either, you can schedule follow-up coaching calls as you continue on your journey of living your design. This can support you with challenges like de-conditioning, re-working your beliefs, and healing your inner child. Shamanic journeys also empower you to hear your deep wisdom and connect with your guides and higher self.

You’ll receive a written summary of your reading that you can refer back to, and it’ll also include diet and digestion recommendations based on your energy type. I’ve also created a unique representation of the energy body that will be customized to your specific circuitry.

I’m so excited to share this liberating tool. Reach out to book your reading today. When you live your design, you align with your soul. You come home to yourself.

Shine on,


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