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Get still and find your point

In Reiki, there is an elusive still point. In can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to find it. The practitioner knows it’s occurred because she can feel the client’s energy pulsing in harmony on both sides of the body. Then, miracles can occur.

It takes time and patience and not everyone wants to wait that long. It can also be a surrendering for the practitioner—on one client it happens quickly and on another it doesn’t. You can’t predict it.

I think that still point occurs in our everyday lives, too. There is a sweet spot where we’re engaged without being attached to the outcome. We’re present and alert without gripping or forcing. Our energetics harmonize and we are in the flow.

Pay attention to what gets you there, to what engages you in serenity. Where do you surrender to the flow? Where are you in service? It’s a clue to your purpose.

Blessings and harmony,



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