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  • Jenn

Generator Desires are Divine Wisdom

For Human Design Generators and Manifesting Generators, your gut holds your deepest wisdom. Yes or No—it’s as simple and deeply complex as that.

What are you holding onto that needs to go? How is this showing up for you?

Are you exhausted?

Are you carrying extra weight?

Are you in a perpetual bleh feeling?

Living your design is subtle. It’s one small step at a time.

Untangling yourself from the yes's that should have been no's is a process. It's not about blowing up your life. It's about coming home to yourself, about reconnecting with what is amazing and special about yourself. It's about liking yourself and letting yourself be who you really are, as you are. That doesn't happen overnight.

It's a commitment to yourself, a way of showing devotion (not discipline, not duty). Start small. Find one easy thing you can do right now and start there. Let it build. Let it flow.

Shine on,



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