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Foxes & The Art of Becoming

You are already everything you need. It is all within you.

Imagine that. You don’t need anything else or anyone else to be complete. You already are everything. At the beating heart of you is your connection to Source, to nature, to humanity.

Just like the seed contains everything it needs to become a flower, it is all within you.

Recently, a fox came to me in a visualization.

I was at an impasse. I couldn’t see my next step. So, I took my own advice. I mentally brought myself to nature (trees are always my best medicine). I sat on a sturdy log in a tree-ringed meadow and let myself feel what I was feeling—how I felt stuck, how I didn’t know what to do, how frustrating it was to yearn for something that I didn’t know how to become.

I sent out a call for a guide to show me the way. A fox approached. I hadn’t worked with fox energy before, so it was a surprise (I was expecting something more akin to a unicorn or a fairy).

He came to me silently and handed me a walnut. As I took the walnut in my hand, I could feel his message: That I already contained everything I needed. That I only needed to let myself become. That there was nothing I had to do. That I was already what I wanted.

I thanked him, and he left as quietly as he came.

When I think of foxes, I feel a quicksilver knowing, a deep connection to the environment with swift action. Since that message, it’s been a process of trusting myself, of connecting to the sacred purpose I hold within. The more I trust that purpose, that stillness within, the more I connect to my essential nature. When I act from that place, it’s in service to my highest good.

How can you practice this medicine for yourself?

Give yourself 10 minutes of quiet. Breathe gently and deeply. Visualize yourself in a place of nature that calls to you (a valley, a mountaintop, a forest, a meadow, the beach). Find the spot that is meant for you (it’ll feel like a beautiful intimacy). Let yourself rest. Feel whatever comes up. Be honest—this is your communion.

From the tenderness you feel deep in your bones, ask that the guide of your highest truth and compassion come to you. Be patient. It may happen quickly and clearly, or you may have a vague sense. Let it unfold how it needs to unfold. Receive the gift, the message, the truth that is offered. Give thanks.

Release the space and come back to your body. Honor the gift by paying attention to it. Take it in. The wisdom will unfold for you in the right time and in the right way.

Remember, you already contain the seed of your becoming. Everything you need and desire is already within you. Trust it. Let yourself shine.

Bright blessings,



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