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Explore your desires. Be honest. Feel safe. Trust yourself.

Are you feeling tired and stuck in your life? Maybe bitter and resentful? And, I bet, sometimes even angry.

We can look around, especially at mid-life, and wonder how this became our life. Maybe you've managed to check a lot of the boxes: partnership, family, home, decent job. But, it feels like something is missing. It feels like you're missing.

You can feel like you should be happy with what you have, that you should be grateful. And, I'm sure you are. But, you can also sense a void. The idea of maintaining the grind, can feel just like that - a grind.

Where's the satisfaction, the peace, the success, the delight? Where's the pleasure and feeling of coming alive, of living in your power?

Where's the part of you that knows what's right and trusts. Just trusts. Believes she is enough.

I promise you, it's there. And together, we're going to uncover it. We're going to bring you back into alignment with your authentic heart, with your magic.


You're going to shine.

Human Design: Journey Details


My reading with Jennifer was informative, grounding, and deeply nourishing. Jenn has a deep skill in reading the intricacies {and parts unseen} within your chart and translating it all in a way that is digestible, practical, and lands deeply in the heart.


Many of the pieces she spoke to offered me deeper clarity on my leadership, mission, and how I get to receive & respond to the world around me. She also supported me in how I can best attune to and listen to my own internal energy to make more true & anchored choices in my life.


Jenn is deeply knowledgable and also so relatable, getting a reading with her is like sitting down with a trusted friend.


White Sand and Stone

Month 1: True Self

after you've had your Essentials Reading

Session 1: Trust Yourself Tapping Session

We’ll begin with a coaching call to check-in with your Essentials Reading progress and tap on any issues that are getting in the way, anywhere it feels hard to trust yourself. This will create a roadmap for the journey ahead. We’ll work with the vision of how you want to feel and use the power of tapping to clear energy blocks and begin rewiring your subconscious.

Session 2: Energy Dynamics of your Centers

Each center has its own contribution to the way your aura operates and how consistently you access your gifts. We’ll cover:

  • What is reliable and consistent for you?

  • What is the wisdom you are here to share?

  • How does your mind try to make you feel safe?

  • Where are you here to learn from others?

Month 2: Your Costume

Session 3: Boundaries & Beliefs Tapping Session

We’ll work with what you’ve observed from the Energy Dynamics session and identify where boundaries can be stronger. We’ll also look at beliefs that are hindering you. We’ll tap on them to move you closer to an empowered mindset. These will form a core theme we’ll return to throughout the program.

Session 4: Profile & Circuitry

In this session, you’ll learn about the “costume” you wear in this life, the roles you play, and how that feels to you vs. how others are prone to perceiving you. We’ll cover the karma that brings and the life force (your channels) that empower it.

Image by Joseph Barrientos
Image by Brad West

Month 3: Planetary Influences

Session 5: Planetary Shamans

We’ll build on what you’ve learned about your energy centers and talk about the conscious vs. unconscious aspects of how your design functions. We’ll incorporate the influence of the planets on each of the gates in your design (your characteristics). They can function as your shaman, a guide to your subconscious.

Session 6: De-conditioning Check-in

While de-conditioning is a 7-year process, building awareness can help to ease the healing process, as can energetic work like tapping. We’ll use this session to review your progress and tap on any challenges that are arising. We’ll continue to anchor in the beliefs you’re working with and support you in making the changes that are right for you.

Month 4: Food & Learning

Session 7: Diet, Determination, & Sense

In this fascinating session, we’ll begin your exploration of PHS (primary health system). We’ll introduce variable (the 4 arrows at the top of your chart) and talk about the circumstance or condition that best supports how you take in life (food and information). We’ll also cover your strongest sense that will be aided by the correct diet for you, as well as recommendations for sleep and exercise.


Session 8: Food Issues Tapping Session

This is an important pause in your journey to assess how everything is going, especially as you consider working with changes to eating. We’ll tap on what is coming up for you and strengthen your connection to your deep wisdom.

Image by Chris Ensey
Personal Desk

Month 5: Environment

Session 9: Enliven Your Environment

There is a quality of environment specifically suited to nourish your body and reduce the resistance you feel in life. When you eat and learn in the way that is right for you and place yourself in the environment that supports your physical body, you give your awareness a chance to shine through. This isn't necessarily about picking up and moving. It's about bringing a quality of place to your environment and how you perceive yourself within it.


Session 10: Coaching Check-in

We’ll talk through any challenges that are coming up for you, including a strategy to clear clutter and how to bring more of you into your environment—to create the sanctuary that soothes and nourishes you.

Month 6: Your View

Session 11: Perspective & Motivation

In this final session on variable, we’ll review the way you’re designed to see and why you’re designed to see it that way. This awareness is the culmination of de-conditioning and provides a torch to carry as you walk your path.


Session 12: Questions & Clarity

In our final session, we’ll address any outstanding questions you have. We’ll continue our tapping on the changes you’re anchoring in (they should be much more comfortable to you by now) and work on clearing anything that’s getting in the way.

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