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For those who would appreciate summaries of their Human Design information, I offer a growing collection of beautifully-designed pdfs for your e-library.

Note that for your chart to be effective, you must know your exact birth time.

Human Design is not a replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment. Consult a professional as needed.

There are no refunds.

Essentials Summary
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The Human Design Essentials Summary is your guide to the most important part of your chart: your Type, Strategy, and Authority. It's your ticket to understanding how your aura works, how you are designed to make anxiety-free decisions, and the signposts for when you're on- and off-track.

The summary is provided in pdf format via email and is usually around 30 pages and 10 mb in size.

Requests are most often responded to within a week.

The summary complements a Zoom reading.