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How to Calculate Your Chart

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The BodyGraph is a brilliant, layered, and complex translation of astrological placements. For those who'd like to dive deep into how and why the chart is calculated the way it is, I invite you to come along with me. Journey highlights: * Become familiar with the planetary and zodiac symbols * Interpret the cipher of an ephemeris * Get a grasp on GMT and time zones * Move between degrees of arc and clock time * Handle curveballs like retrograde, sign changes, and Gates that change signs midway * Configure 88° backward, including the specific Design date and time And most importantly, you'll understand why we're doing what we're doing. You'll have videos to introduce the theory behind each module, helpful worksheets, and a beautiful and detailed 90-page PDF workbook to guide you through every step of the process. As a Mountains person, lifelong learning is important and beneficial to me. To support my fractal, I want to aid your optimal learning. So, I've included special bonuses: * Tapping video to alleviate learning anxiety * Leverage Your Learning Style PDF based on your Variable (Design and Personality Sun/Earth's) I poured 20 months into figuring this out, creating a process, and developing the materials to best support you in learning it. I'm so proud and honored to share my journey with you. You can preview the course at this link: Caveat: There's no substitute for a programmer who can plug directly into an astronomical database. We will get as close as we can, but Base is likely to be off by one, especially in faster-moving planetary bodies.


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