As Abraham-Hicks says, flow downstream. Life isn’t meant to be so hard. You are here to enjoy yourself AND make a difference. There is a pull in your heart toward what makes you happy. Let it guide you.


Love comes in all sorts of forms...the wag of a dog's tail, an eye-crinkling smile from your friend, and maybe even a lover's look that takes your breath away. Keep your heart open. Be true to your sacred desires. Honor yourself.


How much more peaceful does that sound? The mere thought of not having to try so hard creates a softening in the belly. Feel into the space it creates. Let it guide you.


Hiding your light won't make the world any brighter. Embrace all of your quirks, your eccentricities. Give yourself room to explore and grow. You are already everything you need to be. Shine, shine, shine.


Speak your truth, it will become your reality.


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