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Rev. Jennifer Cordes

If you’re drawn here, chances are that you’re looking for something deeper. Something more authentic. Something that opens you to your sacred purpose and brings harmony to your soul.
Walking the tightrope of your day-to-day life while evolving spiritually requires practical tools that are balanced by insight and wisdom. It's a beautiful transformation, and I'm excited to assist you on your journey. 

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Love yourself. Love your life.


Human Design

Discover your soul's map in this lifetime.

Play to your strengths.

Find your freedom.

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Divine Guidance

Connect to your deep inner wisdom.

Let your subconscious guide you.

Learn and grow.

Rock Maze


Personal development at your pace.

Grounded and practical guidance.

Walk your path with grace.

Flowers in Glass Jar

Free Resource

Tapping for anxiety relief.


Release stress & tension.

Feel better now.

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My sessions with Jenn were so profound and interesting. She guided me into a place of peace within myself and also helped me realize areas that needed attention on my part. She was kind with her words and genuine with her intent. I felt supported and comfortable sharing my story with her. I would definitely recommend her for your coaching needs!

KLP  |  St. Louis

Jenn is an amazing coach! I have the pleasure of knowing and working with many different life coaches and I feel a stronger connection and a deeper sense of intuition from Jenn, than I have felt with any of the others.


I told Jenn at the beginning that I needed help seeing my blind spots and, even though I wasn't sure what that meant, she has continually surprised me by doing just that! She has been able to point out strengths I didn't know I had and pinpoint the root of many of my fears and unhealthy patterns.


I am extremely grateful I've had this time to work through my challenges and towards my goals with Jenn and plan to work with her to achieve even more!

BONNY  |  Austin

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